Infectious Diseases and Immunity

Infectious Diseases and Immunity is a peer reviewed journal which aims to publish the most recent finding of the researchers from around the globe. The Journal is intended to consider all the articles related to most common infectious diseases in different regions after proper peer review process by our renowned Editors and reviewers. We are on a new track to provide helpful information to the readers and research scholars around the globe.

The journal provides perception which deals with infectious diseases which are caused by microorganisms like bacteria, parasites, viruses, fungi etc. and the ability to resist the disease through immunity.

Journal publishes articles which may include but not limited to topics such as history of infection mechanisms of molecular pathogenesis, Antimicrobial agents, HIV, SARS, and H5N1;virulence factors, cellular microbiology, experimental models of infection, increasing problem of antimicrobial resistance, host resistance or susceptibility, refractory problem of malaria, generation of innate and adaptive immune responses, Cells and tissues of the immune system, Immunology of infectious disease etc.,

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