Conflicts of interest or competing interests is one such occurs when outside issues affect, or are supposed to affect, the neutrality or objectivity of research. This can happen at any stage in the research cycle, including during the experimentation phase, while a manuscript is being written, or during the process of turning a manuscript into a published article.


If the authors are funded by a company that produces the products that they are writing about this may influence their manuscript.


If the reviewers are working in the same research area at a competing institution to the authors, then this will not only influence their judgement, but the reviewer may advise rejection of the competing article so that their research is published first.


If an editor receives an article from a friend or colleague this may bias their judgement of its suitability to publish.

Science Text Publishers is concerned about the conflict of interest which may not invalidate a manuscript or a decision, but it should be declared so that suitable action can be taken on such practices.